Before You Begin

Maximize the revitalizing benefits of your Facial Massage by creating a calm, comfortable environment.

Always start with a clean face. Smooth massage cream over your face and on your fingertips, using enough to allow your fingers to glide on your face. Apply more as needed throughout the massage. May we suggest the following three massage creams:

White Lucent
Brightening Massage Cream
Firming Massage Mask
The Skincare
Moisture Relaxing Mask

The Shiseido Facial Massage

Use your ring and middle fingers to ensure soft, even pressure. Remember to work with light, gentle strokes. Massage slowly and rhythmically, matching your movements to your breathing. Slow down the pace as your massage progresses.

Step 1:  Forehead - Tones muscles to prevent the formation of horizontal lines.

Starting at the center of forehead, gradually move fingers across the brow in 6 complete circular motions. Repeat 3 times. Finish by gently pressing the pressure points at the temples for 3 counts. To locate your pressure points, feel for slight depressions between the bones at the temples. Pressure applied should feel pleasant and invigorating, never painful.

Step 2: Nose - Prevents the formation of horizontal lines.

Slide fingers downward along the sides of your nose, starting from the inner hollow of the eye. Use left hand to massage the right side of the nose, and the right hand for the left side. Repeat 3 times on each side of nose.

Step 3: Nostrils - Helps unclog pores and prevent blackheads and blemishes.

Circle back and forth around nostrils, applying extra pressure during the upward stroke. Repeat 6 times.

Step 4: Mouth - Minimizes lines around mouth and sagging at lip corners.

Massage along the lower lip, moving outward and upward to lift the corners of the mouth. Release gently. Repeat 3 times.

Step 5:  Cheeks - Helps prevent sagging.

Massage outward from the chin to the earlobe, in 6 circular motions, focusing on the jawline. Glide fingers to corners of the mouth and massage up to the middle of the ear. Glide again to the nostrils and massage to the temples. Glide back to chin and repeat all steps 3 times. Finish by pressing the pressure points at your temples.

Step 6:  Eyes - Prevents the formation of wrinkles and sagging under eyes.

Makes eyes look less tired by minimizing dark circles and puffiness. First, press the pressure points just under the brow bone below the inner eyebrows and count to 3. Then glide fingers under brow, around and under the eyes, and back to the starting point in 6 counts. Repeat entire procedure 3 times, moving gently over the eyelid to press at temples on the final count.

Step 7: Neck - Prevents the formation of horizontal lines and sagging.

Helps ease tension and stiffness at the nape. Using the palms of your hands, massage your neck by gently stroking upward from the collar bone to the base of the chin. Alternate hands as you move from the center to either side with 6 strokes out, then 6 strokes back. Glide lightly at the center of the neck and increase pressure as you move outward.

Step 8:  Chin - Tones muscles to prevent sagging.

Grasp your chin between your index and middle finger at the jaw, and gently slide your fingers across the length of your jaw, creating a scissor-like motion. Bend index finger and place it under the jaw. Use the side of the index finger and pad of the thumb, massage back to right ear. Repeat with left hand. Repeat entire procedure 6 times.

Step 9:  Ears - Regulates the body's overall balance through stimulation of pressure points that send reflexes to other parts of the body.

Massage upward in spiral motions, using the thumb and index fingers, counting to 5. On the 6th count, slide your thumb down the jaw as close to the ear as possible, and back to the earlobe to stimulate the numerous pressure points in this area. Repeat 3 times.

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