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Shi Sei Do
Is Shiseido a mystery to you? Is it possible that you may not even know how to say our name? Has the question "Do they make beauty products for Asian women only?" ever crossed your mind?

Well, allow us to enlighten you. Shiseido is a company rich in Japanese tradition yet fiercely contemporary, for people of all nationalities, backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures.

"Beauty is universal, thus the products which serve beauty should also be universal."
-Yushin Fukuhara, our founder

We are one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, founded in 1872 by Yushin Fukuhara as Japan's first western-style pharmacy

Origin of our name:
"How surpassing is the virtue of the earth from which all things are born. The virtue of the earth combines with the virtue of heaven to make all things grow."
-Chinese Confucian Text

Shiseido is pronounced "She-Say-Doe."

The Shiseido Philosophy:
True Beauty, in the Japanese ideal, is a harmony of spirit and form: an outer reflection of the inner self.

Shiseido introduced Japan's first toothpaste in 1888

Shiseido's Eudermine, a skin lotion so advanced that it is still sold today, was introduced in 1897, marking the shift from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

Our founders traveled abroad and incorporated aspects of French, arabesque, art nouveau, and art deco culture and design that still influence the current Shiseido aesthetic.

In 1937, the company organized the Camellia Club for loyal customers, publishing a monthly magazine to provide them with beauty information. Membership eventually grew to ten million, or one in six of all Japanese women. Hanatsubaki, Shiseido's monthly magazine, is still published in Japan.


...A company with a mission to identify new, richer sources of value and use them to create beauty in the lives and culture of those we serve.

...The fifth largest cosmetics company in the world.

...A truly international company, with subsidiaries in approximately 65 countries.

...Culture joined with technology, oriental restraint expressed with occidental flair; we are constantly forging together principles of art and science and the philosophies of the East and West.


...Shiseido Cosmetics (America) Ltd. was founded in 1965.

...We offer free hand and facial massages at all of our counters nationwide, as consultation and service is the backbone of everything we do.

...We offer a full range of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrances and beauty accessories and are dedicated to high quality, high image and high service.

...In 1989, Shiseido helped to jointly create The Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Center, the world's first comprehensive center dedicated to dermatological research. Findings from here and our international laboratories are incorporated into all of our products.

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